Orme Scientific Ltd. provides the latest in equipment and supplies to the science community. We are committed to offering quality laboratory products while catering to the unique needs of the individual customer. For over 4 decades, our dedication to provide the best in science equipment with personal and efficient service sets Orme Scientific apart from the competition.

Our product lines include:

Equipment and instruments – Orme Scientific Ltd. offers a vast range of state-of-the-art scientific equipment, including respective accessories, suitable for industry and any laboratory setting.We are suppliers of brands such as VWR, Bibby Scientific and Precisa just to name a few

Chemicals – We can supply from stock or to specific orders a vast range of chemicals and reagents as required by any laboratory discipline. Our major supplier for chemicals is VWR.

Reusable Plastics – A vast range of high quality multi-use plastic-ware is available to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical, environmental, food, dairy, medical, research and school laboratories. Sterile single-use plastic disposables are also available. We represent brands such as sterillin and also Fl Medical.

Glassware – The variety and combinations making up this range are more than amply catered for by famous brand names represented by our company. Browsing through our catalogues would certainly assist in the selection of suitable set-ups meeting your specific requirements.

Microbiology – A vast range of the world known Oxoid products suitable for industrial, catering and clinical microbiology laboratories are available.

Safety – The danger of accidents lurks in all walks of live. Certainly, a primary concern is that associated with the working environment and the laboratory. Orme can supply a vast range of safety products.

Healthcare – Orme Scientific Ltd. supplies suitable aids specifically designed / developed for the geriatric, disability and rehabilitation sectors, as recommended by occupational, physical and recreational therapists worldwide.

Filtration – This sector is amply covered by a comprehensive range of Whatman standard filter papers exhibiting different retention capacities and flow rates, as well as a range of membrane filters to suit the infinite requirements of today’s technologies.

Sterile Disposables – This section incorporates a vast selection of high quality branded products specifically for use in microbiology and life science applications, be it in the medical and research sectors or otherwise.

Balances – The PRECISA balances can be adapted to an infinite range of operating conditions, be it a quality control laboratory or an industrial shop floor. Our range extends from micro-analytical to industrial scale with readabilities of 0.01mg to 1g depending on model and balance capacity. Diagnostics – Orme Scientific Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of high-quality diagnostic products suitable for clinical, veterinary and agricultural applications. Our principals comply with DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN 46001 norms, the GMP guidelines and European harmonised standards required to apply the CE mark.

Environmental Monitoring – Casella are specialist providers of environmental monitoring technologies for a wide range of environmental health and safety issues. The extensive range of instrumentation manufactured and supplied includes real-time dust and noise monitors, indoor air quality monitors, meteorological equipment and environmental enclosures for PM10 and PM2.5 monitoring.

Primary Education – Classroom Resources – Findel education has long been regarded as an educational innovator, a reputation which has been built on close links with educational professionals whose experience and knowledge is invaluable to the company’s product development strategy. As a result, this comprehensive range of resources has been designed to provide solutions to all learning situations and includes products to inspire, stimulate and educate.

Secondary Education – Science – At Orme Scientific we represent Edulab who have spent a lifetime developing the most extensive range of laboratory equipment and services available not just in the UK but internationally.

Physical Education – Good physical education experiences lead to happier and healthier individuals who are better learners. Greater confidence and self-esteem, improved communication skills and the ability to co-operate with others can all result from an appropriate physical educational environment. The Davies Sports catalogue is full of innovative concepts for all key stages including pre-primary and primary sports, along with special products aimed for children with special needs. It provides players of all ages with the chance to be creative and competitive but most of all enjoy participating.

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